TenPints Entertainment

Create & Discover New Music

TenPints Entertainment is a concert promotion company supporting the creation and discovery of new music in Southern California.

Rebecca Pierce Goodman

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Becky has more than 16 years of professional experience in theatre, film, and event production, including teaching and business management. She currently serves as the Marketing & Administrative Manager for the Soka Performing Arts Center in Orange County and is an arts commissioner for the city of Oceanside.

Previously, Becky held positions such as Managing Director for The Vagrancy, Director of Theatre Operations for Canyon Crest Academy, Production Manager and Technical Director for New Village Arts Theatre, Art Director for Divine Trinity Productions, and Scene Shop Manager for Pacific Event Productions in San Diego, CA. Additionally, she has consulted for small theatres and nonprofit organizations in strategic planning and fundraising. She earned an MFA in Theatre Management from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and a BA in Theatre Arts from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys the arts, the outdoors and a good beer; she currently lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband.

Sam W. Morales

Founder, Chief Creative Officer


With more than 16 years in video broadcasting, audio reinforcement, audio/video system design, audio mixing, and live production management, I bring with me a wealth of technological and managerial experience. Along with my responsibilities at TenPints I am the Technical Services Manager for the Soka Performing Arts Center, the home of TenPints' Guerrilla Rhapsody Music Series and a world-class live music venue. I'm fortunate to be able to work in the field that is my passion. My love and appreciation for music that is the true driving force behind my work at TenPints. Music is everything to me and my appetite for it is insatiable. I'm constantly looking for new artists to share with my friends and colleagues and am looking forward to exposing a budding South Orange County audience to talented musicians and allowing them to enjoy good music as much as I do. I also have a strong desire to allow young artists to experience what it is like to be treated as if they were The Rolling Stones and have a top-of-the-line production package and staff available to them. From the moment they arrive through their time backstage and on stage, until the moment they leave, I want every artist in my care to feel like a full-blown, bona fide rock star!